Debate held at the Houses of Parliament on threats to the national security of Ukraine through information warfare, 21 May 2015


Global Friends of Ukraine in collaboration with the Henry Jackson Society organised a panel discussion: “Fighting Hybrid War and Pushing for Reform in Ukraine” which took place at the Houses of Parliament on 21st May 2015. It was chaired by Lord David Trimble, former First Minister for Northern Ireland, and James Cleverley MP. The speakers included Natalia Popovytch, Founder of the Ukraine Crisis Media Center and Alex Ryabchyn, a Ukrainian MP.

Natalia Popovytch said: “Ukraine cannot respond to Russia’s information warfare in a symmetrical way, and needs to come up with a different approach. It has to develop a tailored communication strategy for different parts of the country, for those which supported the Ukraine’s 2014 Revolution of Dignity, and for those which are suffering from the war. The media should support the spirit of the Ukrainian army, numerous volunteers who are involved in humanitarian crisis relief efforts and thousands of displaced people”.

The event attracted a sizable audience that included British MPs, public servants, commentators, and members of the Ukrainian community in the UK. “This is a testimony to the fact that the situation in Ukraine is of a significant interest to the British audience, and there is a demand for first hand information and insights about the fast developing events in Ukraine”, said Marina Denysenko, Director of the Global Friends of Ukraine.

Global Friends of Ukraine also organised a number of meetings for Ms Popovych with British media experts and journalists.

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