£1600 raised in charitable auction for Ukrainian soldiers suffering post-war stress disorder (PTSD)


London, March 5, 2015 – Global Friends of Ukraine raised £1600 in support of “Victims of War Rehabilitation Project” aimed to help Ukrainian combatants to overcome PTSD which they developed as a result of their traumatic experience of war in the east of Ukraine. The funds were pledged in the course of a charitable auction which took place at the Ukrainian Institute in London following the launch of the ”Donbas: War and Peace” photography exhibition in the Houses of Parliament on the same day.

Courtesy of Ukrainian photographers whose works were displayed at the exhibition, five large-size prints were auctioned off and the money will be channelled to support the training of Ukrainian psychology counsellors who will be working with the war veterans to deal with PTSD symptoms.

Dr Vsevolod Stebliuk, a war hero and Adviser to the Minister of Defence, is the main driving force behind the project. He is currently working towards re-launching the centres of psychological rehabilitation at three military hospitals across Ukraine. Speaking at the auction, he emphasized the scale of the problem. “We are starting from scratch in trying to build capacity to deal with this issue,” he said.

Further funds were raised to support the ongoing “Tvorcha Kryivka” art therapy project. The rehabilitation takes place in Carpathian mountain resort towns, where soldiers have an opportunity to spend time outdoors, communicate with each other and trainers as well as create works of art. Two remarkable paintings created by participants on the course were sold at the auction.

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